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rocco 400 HP Reliance Armature being dynamically balanced
2 AC/DC Armature in the middle of being rewound
3 DC Armature Coils made in house
4 Rewind of Tachometer
5 All Armatures are preheated and dipped in sterling 475 varnish, and all Armatures are baked vertical.
6 All Armatures are stripped and sandblasted completely clean. Removing all old wire, insulation, and varnish
7 Armatures before shipping
8 Thousands of commutators in stock for armature use and for sale
Commutator being replaced on a 300 HP bull armature
10 2-Pole DC Fields for air conditioning units in helicopters. Made totally from scratch.
11 Different types of commutators and slip rings in stock for our use and for sale.
12 2-Pole Armatures for air conditioning units in helicopters made from scratch
13 Fusion welding. 10x better than tig-welding
14 1000 HP Armature being boxed up, ready to ship
15 300 HP reliance motor completely redone
16 Armatures that just came out of the oven and are ready to be turned, undercut, and balanced